Obtaining a Work Visa in South Africa

Obtaining a Work Visa with June Luna Attorneys

If you are planning on travelling to the beautiful land of South Africa, with the sole purpose of living and working in a foreign country – applying for a General Work Visa, Critical Skills Visa or an Intra-company Transfer Work Visa would be your ideal options. Although preparing for and acquiring the necessary documentation can be a long and arduous process; June Luna Immigration Attorneys can streamline the process and get you one step ahead.

A General Work Visa may be issued to foreign citizens when there are no local South African citizens with the relevant skill set at hand. These Visas are only valid for the duration of the foreigner’s employment contract. To initiate and undertake the process of applying for your general work visa, there are a few essential documents that need to be up to date. Your General Work Visa application must be accompanied by a certificate from the department of labour stating that a diligent search has been undertaken for a South African candidate and no one could be found.

If you have an academic qualification and possess professional experience in a skill appearing on South Africa’s critical skills list; you can qualify for a Critical Skills Work Visa. When the shortage of sought-after skills becomes a reality to the South African workforce, the Minister of Home Affairs will grant employers the ability to recruit a suitable candidate from another country. This allows sought-after employees to apply for a Critical Skills Work Visa. In order for applicants to apply for this Visa, they will need to ensure that proof of these relevant qualifications is presented to the employer, upon application. If you have the academic background and professional experience for a skill that is high in demand and capable of making a difference within the South African workforce; applying for a job as well as a Critical Skills Work Visa might just be an incredible opportunity for you.

An Intra-company Transfer Work Visa is a requirement if an employee of a multi-national company is to be transferred to a South African branch. These Visas are only valid for a maximum period of 4 years and cannot be extended or renewed. There are few necessary requirements to be met in order to apply for your Intra-company Transfer Work Visa. Many of these requirements are identical to that of the General work Visa and Critical Skills Visa, with a few exclusive requirements on top of that. Applicants will need a signed letter from the South African Branch, thereby confirming the transfer from the affiliate company board. The letter will need to state the applicant’s occupation as well as the role the employee will be playing at the South African branch.

June Luna Attorneys strives to assist each and every applicant in their process of work immigration. If you would like to apply for a Visa to reside in the amazing South Africa – JLIA can make your vision a reality.