Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa

If you are working for a multi-national company that is looking to send you abroad, an Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa could be the best choice for you. Although preparing for and undergoing the application process for an intra-company transfer work visa can be an arduous task – June Luna Immigration Attorneys will streamline and simplify the process of getting you one step ahead.

An intra-company transfer work visa is a requirement if an employee of a multinational company is to be transferred to a South African branch or affiliate of the foreign company with the purpose of training South African staff with the skills necessary to undertake the job position in the future. These work visas are only valid for a maximum period of 4 years. They cannot be extended or renewed.

There are a few necessary requirements to be met in order to apply for your intra-company transfer work visa. Many of these requirements are similar to a General work Visa, with a few exclusive requirements on top of that. Applicants will need a signed letter from the South African Branch, thereby confirming the transfer from the affiliate company. The letter will need to state the applicant’s occupation as well as the role the employee will be playing at the South African branch. There should be a disclosure of the time period not exceeding that of 4 years. The South African branch will also need to provide a detailed skills transfer plan.

June Luna Immigration Attorneys strives to assist each and every applicant in their process of work immigration. If you would like to apply for an intra-company transfer work visa– JLIA can make your vision a reality.

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