Work Permit South Africa

South Africa has a diverse economy and a distinct labour market. To reach this growth goal, the government needs experienced foreign nationals to fill important skill shortages and to help upskill the domestic employment market. This makes South Africa appealing to many foreign nationals with highly specialised competence in a range of professions.

A South African work permit is required for foreign individuals who wish to work in South Africa – from a period of three months up to five years. You cannot work in South Africa on a visa which is not specifically endorsed for work. 

Types of work visas include:

  • Short-Term work visa: Valid for a period of three months, with the potential of being extended, a short-term work visa is meant for a South African company who needs a short-term fix to a problem. They cannot find a South African who is able to complete this short term and urgent task. 
  • General work visas: Approval from the Department of Labour to show that a South African employer cannot find a South African citizen or permanent resident with the skills and qualifications to fill a job at a specific employer; 
  • Critical Skills work visas: An applicant must have academic and professional skills and qualifications as well as a fixed term job contract in a specific field as indicated in the critical skills list (which is updated regularly)
  • Intra-Company Visa: An employee is seconded from their employment abroad to temporarily work and transfer skills to South Africans in a branch or affiliate of the foreign company which has business in South Africa 

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