South African Immigration

We offer assistance with all your needs for South African immigration, whether you are a first-time applicant submitting from abroad, renewing or changing a condition to your current temporary residency visa or applying for permanent residency.

Temporary residency visas can be valid for thirty days up to five years, dependent on the category relevant to your purpose. There are various visas offered to foreign nationals, such as:

Spousal, Intra-Company, Corporate, Exchange, Work.

Permanent Residency Permits, once obtained, allow the holder to have a South African identity number and the comfort of knowing that they no longer need to renew temporary visas. There are various categories one can apply under, such as:

Work – through contract of employment and/or ‘exceptional’ skill, Spousal.

You don’t need to know which category suits you best to get started. If you’re unsure of which visa/permit category you should apply under, let us guide you based on your individual needs. Contact us today for a free initial assessment.

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