Permanent Residency: Spouse

Permanent residency in South Africa opens doors to long-term settlement without the hassle of visa renewals, offering a stable foundation for individuals and families looking to make the Rainbow Nation their permanent home. Understanding the intricacies of the application process is important for a successful application for permanent residency status.

Under Sections 26 or 27 of the Immigration Act, applicants must meet specific criteria to be eligible for permanent residency. One common way to permanent residency is through spousal sponsorship, where people who are married to South African citizens or permanent residents can apply. If you’re married to a South African citizen or permanent resident, or in a life partnership with one, you might be eligible for permanent residency.

The marriage or partnership must have lasted at least five years before applying. You must provide evidence of cohabitation and shared financial responsibilities during this period. The relationship must be exclusive, and you must demonstrate good character and health. Once permanent residency has been granted, the couple needs to remain in a relationship for another two years to hold onto their status.

Applicants for permanent residency, including spouses and life partners, must submit their applications in person through VFS Global within South Africa or through a mission abroad. The South African Immigration Act acknowledges life partnerships, whether between same-sex or heterosexual couples, as a valid reason for permanent residency.


Permanent residency serves as a stepping stone towards South African citizenship through naturalisation. If you’ve been a permanent resident for five years and have complied with the conditions of your permanent residency certificate, you can apply for citizenship.

Getting permanent residency in South Africa means you can live permanently in the country. Permanent residency offers stability, security, and the opportunity for long-term settlement in a diverse and vibrant country. Whether you’re applying as a spouse or through a life partnership, you need to ensure you meet all the requirements and have the right documents. Once you understand what’s needed you can start the process of making South Africa your long-term home.

At June Luna Immigration Attorneys our goal is to make your journey to permanent residency easier. We provide clear information and support so you can feel confident about the process. Getting permanent residency in South Africa can open up many opportunities for you. If you want to learn more about June Luna Immigration Attorneys and how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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