General Work Visa

If you are planning on travelling to the beautiful land of South Africa with the sole intention of working and staying in a foreign country, the general work Visa could be your ideal option. Although preparing for and acquiring the necessary documentation can be a long and arduous process – June Luna Immigration Attorneys can streamline and simplify the process of getting you one step ahead.

A general work visa may be issued to foreign citizens when there are no local South African citizens with the relevant skill set at hand. These Work Visas are only valid for the duration of the foreigner’s employment contract. This would be up to a maximum of 5 years with an option to renew or apply for permanent residency.

A very important thing to consider is that all your documentation pertaining to the employer here in South Africa should be in place – and it is no simple feat. Your employer will need to prove to the department of labour that they have actively searched for a South African to fill the position – and have found no one suitable. This means your employer will need to publish an advertisement in newspapers and the Department of Labour employment portal. They will have to actively explain why none of the candidates that have applied are suited to the position and motivate for your employment.

If successful, your employer will receive a certificate of approval from the department of labour. You will need to include this along with your SAQA certificate, contract of employment as well as the proof of employer’s registration with the CIPC.

In order to initiate and undertake the process of applying for your general work visa, there are a few essential documents that need to be up to date. Your General Work Visa application form should be filled out and signed, along with a passport which will be valid for the duration of the visa. You will also need proof of your financial means declaring that you can live comfortably up until your employment commences – a bank statement will suffice. Your medical reports should be submitted along with police clearance for all countries that have been lived in by the applicant.

June Luna Immigration Attorneys strives to assist each and every applicant in their process of work immigration. If you would like to apply for a general work Visa today – JLIA can make your vision a reality.

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