Retired Person Visa South Africa

For those wishing to retire in South Africa, the Retirement Visa for South Africa offers many great advantages. Due to its superior lifestyle and pleasant temperature, the nation is a favourite spot to be a ‘swallow’ for many retirees.

Under this visa category, there is no prescribed age limit as long as an applicant can meet the visa’s financial requirements without having to work or rely on income from work. A monthly income in the form of an irrevocable annuity of at least R37,000 must be demonstrated by the applicant – in the alternative, a net worth of over R2 million – to be eligible for a temporary retirement visa.

The retirement visa may be obtained for a maximum of four years and can be extended by submitting an application from within South Africa.

The primary applicant’s spouse and any dependent children may also apply to be listed as an accompanying spouse and minor to the application. Children which are of school age should make application for a study visa as opposed to a dependent visa, however.

The requirement for permanent residency is similar in that a person should have an irrevocable annuity of R37 000.00 per month; alternatively, R37 000.00 per month for the duration of their permanent residency.  Spouses and kids may attach to the residency application in terms of being a spouse in excess of five years or child to SA permanent resident.

If you have any concerns or would want to apply for this visa, please contact June Luna Immigration Attorneys.

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