Immigration Lawyer South Africa

As you plan your future in South Africa, working with an expert South African Immigration Lawyer is a must. Between standing in long lines and possibly facing costly delays, professional help can mean the difference between a calm transition and a stressful administrative nightmare. At June Luna Immigration Attorneys, our team can ensure that your path from residency application to arrival is pain-free.

A notable drawback to obtaining South African residency without assistance is the frustration caused by the Department of Home Affairs. With a reputation for unnecessary delays and little feedback, professional legal assistance can drastically improve your Home Affairs experience. In fact, many of our clients have experienced years of setbacks before seeking professional guidance. Ultimately, there is a limit to what a private citizen can do when faced with ongoing delays, which is why we strongly encourage legal assistance at the first sign of trouble.

To help you avoid detrimental delays, our team of immigration experts will handle the process from beginning to end. Your immigration lawyer will discuss the categories open to you, follow up on required documents, solve roadblocks, and obtain an outcome quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, if you have a pending application that has stalled, we will liaise with Home Affairs on your behalf, forcing an outcome through litigation if necessary. We understand the stress of immigration and will do all we can to help you achieve residency quickly and cost-effectively.

Obtaining temporary or permanent residency in South Africa is rarely straightforward. From applying with a criminal record to travelling with a partner or children, our South Africa Immigration Lawyers will cover every base. Our team will take on the administrative hassles, leaving you free to focus your attention on what really matters.

For more information on our immigration services, contact our team, or complete our online form, and we will contact you.

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