Taking Legal Action on DHA Applications

It can be overwhelming to visit The Department of Home Affairs to submit an application, particularly if you have had bad experiences in the past. Fortunately, June Luna Immigration Attorneys can help with taking legal action on outstanding DHA applications.

In the event an application is rejected, our staff will draft an appeal application to ensure a favourable result. You may appeal any negative decision made regarding your application and if all other options have been exhausted, litigation may be advised.

High Court appearances are frequently the best course of action for successfully addressing issues with an application that has been pending or unsettled for an unjustifiably long period of time, even though litigation may seem excessive.

Regrettably, a person fighting the system can only do so much. If an outcome has been outstanding for an unreasonable amount of time, the Department of Home Affairs can be compelled to assess and finalize your application.  

Our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers at June Luna Immigration Attorneys have nearly a decade of experience in successfully obtaining desired outcomes for our clients through litigation, whether it be to resolve pending or unresolved temporary or permanent residency applications or to contest a Department of Home Affairs (DHA) decision that has been made in the final stage. 

After a preliminary assessment, June Luna Immigration Attorneys will look over your paperwork to make sure everything is in order for your case and offer guidance on the possibility of success. After you have engaged our services, our attorneys will draft an affidavit outlining your case’s facts and legal requirements and serve the papers via sheriff on the Minister and Director-General of the DHA. If there are no complications, we will receive a case number and court date to have your application presented and heard by a judge in the High Court. 

With years of litigation expertise, June Luna Immigration Lawyers are able to give you professional advice on how to manage your South African immigration matter in the most time and money-efficient manner. To help you assist in taking legal action on DHA applications, we have a network of immigration lawyers nationwide to assist us in finalizing your application through court. 

To learn more about taking legal action on DHA applications, contact our immigration lawyer and her team of immigration experts today.

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