Litigation for Pending DHA Applications South Africa

While litigation may appear excessive, High Court appearances are frequently the best line of action for effectively resolving concerns with an application that has been pending or unsettled for an unjustifiably long period of time.

Unfortunately, an individual can only do so much while fighting the system. Litigation compels the Department of Home Affairs to evaluate your case as urgent or non-urgent, which means that your attorney will guarantee that your application is processed – but the court order cannot guarantee that an application will be approved. 

At June Luna Immigration Attorneys, our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers have a history of successfully obtaining desired results for our clients through litigation, whether it be to resolve pending or unresolved temporary or permanent residency applications or to contest a final Department of Home Affairs (DHA) decision. Our attorneys are well-versed in the inner workings of the DHA.

June Luna Immigration Attorneys will review your documentation to make sure everything is in order for your case and provide advice on the likelihood of success. Our attorneys will put the facts of your case and the law in an affidavit, which will be given to the Minister and Director-General of the DHA after you have signed in. If no further issues arise, your litigator can agree on a court date and on that occasion get a court order to have your application completed.  

A decision is typically made within 20 days following the court order, at which point clients can normally collect their outcome from an office of application. Depending on the urgency and particulars of the case, the entire process, if uncontested and non-urgent, takes around 60 days. 

Please get in touch with us if you’d like more information about how litigation for pending DHA applications in South Africa can help you.

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