Relative Visa South Africa

You may be eligible for a South African Relatives Visa as a foreign national if you are related to a South African citizen or lawful permanent resident. This is a two-year, multiple entry visa which is renewable. As a general rule, a person is not able to work whilst on a relative’s visa.

A person who is in the first line of kinship to a South African citizen or permanent resident can also make application for permanent residency (think: a parent and/or child). Those who are granted permanent residency as a result of being a relative are given practically all the rights of a South African citizen. Your ability to work, study and run your own business is unrestricted when you have permanent residence – although you may need to adhere to individual conditions listed on your permanent residency certificate.

Depending on the relationship to the South African national, there are a number of requirements that a person must meet. The most crucial factor in terms of the partnership are as follows:

– The applicant must be able to demonstrate their relationship to the South African citizen or permanent resident (normally a birth certificate).
-The applicant’s family must offer sufficient evidence that they can support the applicant financially, which entails having a budget that includes R8,500 per applicant/per month.
-Until they have been granted permanent residency after applying, holders of this visa are not allowed to work or conduct business.

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