Retirement in South Africa

With a vibrant culture, unmatched natural beauty and affordable living costs, retirement in South Africa – and Cape Town in particular – has long been a top choice for many foreigners interested in retiring away from their home country. If you are interested in making the stunning shores of South Africa your home, June Luna Immigration Attorneys can help make your transition as smooth as possible by offering professional and experienced South African immigration services.

Foreigners coming from a country with a favourable exchange rate are generally able to stretch their retirement capital much further in South Africa, allowing them to retire without compromising on comfort or luxury. Our team, made up of attorneys, paralegals and support staff, can help you apply for either a temporary retirement visa that lasts up to four years or a permanent retirement permit that will allow you to stay in the country indefinitely without needing to go through visa renewal applications.

After an initial assessment of your case and immigration requirements, our team will discuss in detail what retirement in South Africa will look like, what documentation will be required from you, and provide an estimated timeline on how long the process should take – barring any complications. We understand that the immigration judicial process can often feel draining, which is why we will keep you informed on your application’s status every step of the way.

At June Luna Immigration Attorneys, we prioritise the needs of our clients and will work with you to obtain your retirement visa or permit as quickly as possible, including forcing an outcome through litigation should your application remain in a pending state for longer than appropriate.

If you would like more information on retirement in South Africa and how we can assist you with your temporary or permanent retirement application, please contact us for an initial assessment.

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