Determination of Citizenship

Many South Africans living abroad are unaware of the legal requirements and administrative responsibilities associated with their nationality, particularly after they have acquired citizenship in another country.

The process of determining whether or not a person’s South African citizenship has been revoked is known as a Determination of Citizenship Status for South Africa. In some situations, you can request to have your citizenship reinstated if it is revoked.

An individual could occasionally have a legitimate claim to South African citizenship. Maybe they were born in South Africa to parents who never reported their birth there. Or, frequently, a person with a valid claim to citizenship would have been born in a former region of South Africa when it was still a part of that country. The Determination of Citizenship procedure may also be needed by certain persons who have lived outside of South Africa for a very long period and are unsure about the status of their citizenship.

The Department of Home Affairs head office are in charge of granting Determination of Citizenship. Only if you submit a completed BI-529 (Determination of Citizenship Status South Africa) form may the application be submitted (possibly you will need a BI-175 as well). A valid South African Police Clearance Certificate and confirmation of your ongoing residency may occasionally be required.

If done from South Africa, it typically takes between 30 and 40 working days. However, the procedure is notorious for taking a long time—up to 12 months to complete. For South Africans living overseas and make application through an embassy or consulate, their determination of citizenship decision can sometimes take more than a year.

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