Critical Skills Permanent Residence Permit South Africa

The release of the updated critical skills list is looming and is set to come into effect within the next coming months. In February 2021 a draft critical skills list was published and has shown a definite shift from the previous 2014 list, with many of the former critical skills removed. As a result of the country’s needs, individuals who work in the technology, engineering, financial and medical sectors may have an easier time obtaining a South Africa critical skills permanent residence permit whilst those holding management skills may struggle.

To qualify for permanent residency based on a critical skill, you will need to meet the requirements in Section 27(b) of the Immigration Act. At June Luna Immigration Attorneys, our skilled and experienced team will go over the application process and requirements in detail to ensure that you fully understand the course going forward, including processing your SAQA application and identifying a professional body. The 2014 critical skills list was vague on this, which led to incorrect applications and a great deal of frustration for the applicants.

If you have a pending South Africa critical skills permanent residence permit application, our team will assess your current application, explain the reason(s) for the delay, and will work with you to resolve your application as quickly as possible. To avoid further frustration, we can force an outcome from the Department of Home Affairs through litigation if necessary, either on an urgent or non-urgent basis, depending on your situation.

If you are interested in applying for a South Africa critical skills permanent residence permit or would like assistance in resolving your outstanding application, our team can assist. With almost a decade of experience and intrinsic knowledge of the Department of Home Affairs, we can help you make South Africa your new home. For more information, please contact us.

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