Determination of South African Citizenship

Determination of South African Citizenship

It is no secret that South Africans love to travel. Sometimes, South African citizens even take up the nationality of another country – whether it is by birth, descent, work or other means. However, to maintain your South African citizenship you must notify the Department of your intentions – before taking up foreign citizenship. If you do not, you may lose or could have already lost your South African citizenship and be marked as a permanent resident.

By undergoing the process of determination of your South African Citizenship you are verifying if your citizenship has been revoked or not.

An application for determination of citizenship is often required when you intend on renewing your South African passport from an embassy abroad or registering the birth of a South African child abroad, amongst other applications. This detailed form is then submitted to the South African authorities and reviewed by the Department of Home Affairs, where you will receive confirmation of your status in South Africa.

If you just so happen to lose your citizenship, there are a few ways in which you can reclaim it. But, before taking the leap to do so, it would be best to obtain legal advice and explore whether or not applying for a resumption application is right for you.

The documentation required for the process of determination is as follows:

If you are applying for a determination of citizenship, there are a few steps to follow. Applications made for the determination of citizenship must be completed in full and done honestly. The “determination of South African Citizenship” must be sent to the Department of Home Affairs before submitting your application. Submission is completed through an embassy if you are abroad and an in-person application at the Department Of Home Affairs; if you are in SA.

If your citizenship is still valid – your updated ID card or passport application will be accepted. If your citizenship has expired, you still maintain South African permanent residency, but no longer hold the same ID number (so you will need to make a new application). This means you will not be eligible for a South African passport. Your children, if born after you lost your South African citizenship, will not be South African citizens unless your spouse is a South African citizen.

It is crucial to attach all supporting documents to allow easy and seamless reference. Once we have acquired and compiled all the necessary documentation, our efforts are on getting you one step closer to reclaiming your South African citizenship.

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