Why retirement to South Africa is beneficial in many ways

Why Retirement to South Africa is Beneficial in Many Ways

Retiring in South Africa has always been a top choice for many foreigners interested in retiring outside of their native country, due to its vibrant culture, unparalleled natural beauty, and inexpensive living costs. The competent and knowledgeable South African immigration services provided by June Luna Immigration Attorneys can make your relocation to the beautiful coastline or vibrant cities of South Africa as easy as possible.


Stunning South African landscape

Two of the key reasons for these immigrants’ decision to retire in South Africa are a better lifestyle and a lower cost of living made feasible by euros and dollars. Other elements that make it a particularly popular destination for retirees to live include the warm weather, stunning landscape, and nearby beaches. With updated flight paths, travel to and from South Africa has never been easier. 


After a preliminary evaluation of your case and immigration requirements, our specialists will explain in detail what retiring in South Africa would entail, what documentation will be required from you, and provide an anticipated timeline for how long the process should take, barring any complications. 

To retire in South Africa, you either need to have an irrevocable annuity in excess of R37 000 per month or a net worth (assets less liabilities) which would total R37 000 per month for a period of four years. Although not required, it is advised to have your assets verified by a South African chartered accountant – especially if your assets are abroad.

A temporary residency retirement visa can be valid for a period of up to four years, whilst permanent residency allows you to remain in South Africa indefinitely. 

We are aware that the immigration procedure can frequently feel taxing, so we will keep you updated on the progress of your application at every stage along the way. If your application is pending for an unreasonable amount of time, we can take the Department of Home Affairs to court to provide you with an expedited outcome. 

If you are interested in retiring in South Africa or want to hasten the processing of your pending application for temporary or permanent residency, don’t be afraid to contact June Luna Immigration Attorneys.