Critical skills List by the South African Government

Updated Critical Skills List by Government

South Africa announced its new Critical Skills List on October 3, 2023, marking an important milestone in the country’s attempts to attract qualified individuals. It is critical to be informed about changes in the legal landscape as it evolves. June Luna, an experienced attorney, is here to walk you through the newest events and how they may affect your future.

Understanding the Critical Skills Lis

South Africa’s Critical Skills List is a selected collection of jobs and abilities regarded as critical to the country’s growth and development. Individuals with certain skills are given preferential treatment for visas, residency, and employment possibilities.

The Department of Home Affairs has enlarged the Critical Skills List to include 142 specialized occupations in the most recent edition. Veterinarians and veterinary nurses are a major addition to the list. These specialists are critical in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, and dysfunctions in animals. Importantly, the list does not define any specific veterinary specialty, making it applicable to all.

Qualifications Required

Veterinarians must have a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (NQF level 8) or a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (NQF level 8) to be eligible for expedited visas under the Critical Skills category. The applicable professional organization or council must recognize these qualifications. A national diploma in veterinary nursing (NQF level 6) is required for veterinary nurses and must be recognized by competent authorities.
Individuals who meet these requirements can apply for a Critical Skills visa or a permanent residence status. It is crucial to emphasize, however, that Critical Skills visas are not employment visas. Applicants must present a valid job offer from a company that is in good standing with the Department of Employment and Labour.

The Critical Skills List in South Africa is critical in the country’s effort to reinforce its workforce with highly qualified individuals. The recent addition of veterinarians and veterinary nurses demonstrates the government’s commitment to developing diversity across industries.

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