Types of Temporary Residency Visas

Types of Temporary Residency Visas

South Africa is a stunning and culturally varied nation that gives everyone special opportunities and unique experiences. However, if you intend to visit, reside in, work or study, or even join a relative or partner here, many visitors and migrants must first apply for a South African visa. Additionally, the sort of visa you require depends on your nationality and the reasons behind your visit to South Africa.

Below is a list of types of temporary residency visas and the periods they are issued for:

The length of a temporary resident visa might range from 12 to 72 months, depending on the type of temporary visa requested.

  • Temporary business visas – are provided for periods of up to three years at a time;
  • Temporary work visas –are based on fix-term contracts and can be valid up to five years at a time;
  • Temporary retired persons visas – are issued based on the financial situation of the potential immigrant and are only valid for a maximum of four years;
  • Temporary study visas – are often only provided for the length of the course of study;
  • Temporary spouse/life partner visas – are valid for two to three years, depending on whether the applicant will be working or not;
  • Temporary relative visas – are granted for a period of two to four years.
  • Temporary volunteer or research visas – granted for a period of up to three years.

A list of all the supporting documents needed for each category of temporary residence visas are included in the DHA-1738 temporary residence visa application form. In order to avoid having their application rejected, applicants are required to include all necessary supporting documents with their application. All first-time applications must be done from your country of citizenship or residency – whereas most renewals or change in conditions can be done within South Africa.

Most of the time, renewing a temporary visa is a rather straightforward process. Different requirements will apply based on the type of temporary visa you currently possess. An application to the Department of Home Affairs for a change of condition of your current visa is less straight forward and we would suggest obtaining legal advice.

Applications for a renewal or change of condition should be applied for no less than 60 days before the expiration of your current visa; however with current waiting times we would suggest applying 4-6 months before the expiration of your current visa.

If you have any inquiries regarding temporary residency visa in South Africa, get in touch with us. Additionally, we can help expedite any pending applications for both temporary and permanent residence that are still outstanding.