Study Visas for South Africa

South Africa is a leading destination for continuing studies. In fact, the University of Cape Town ranks as number 141 in the world, with some of their streams ranking in the top 100.  For parents who have moved here, they have the option of a myriad of schools for their children – ranging from local education through to international schools.

In order to obtain a study visa, there are a couple of important pieces of information that need to be known. First off, any study visa must be applied for from abroad, unless you are linked to a spouse or parent who is entering South Africa on a work visa.

Next, the institution that the student is to be registered at must be registered with the Department of Higher Education. This is verifiable by directly contacting the institution and asking for their certification.

This is especially important when it comes to short term studies for learning English, as most of the institutions that offer this course are not registered with the Department of Higher Education and thus a student would not be eligible for a study permit.

Third, the duration of the study visa will be dependent on the length of the course. Thus, if you wish to continue you studies it will be necessary to re-apply at least 60 days before the expiration of your current study visa.

Last, if you are taking part in higher education and your field of study falls under the critical skills list, you become eligible for permanent residency right away and without five years of work experience in the field, thanks to a blanket waiver issued by the Department of Home Affairs, which you can read more about in our blog regarding permanent residency based on exceptional skills.

If you need assistance with your study visa, contact us today to find out more about which options are available to you or your children.