Services disrupted at Home Affairs due to Load Shedding

Services Disrupted at Home Affairs due to Load Shedding

Load shedding is the single biggest constraint on South Africa’s economic growth so it’s no surprise that South Africa has impeded services at Home Affairs offices, leading citizens (and foreigners alike) to not be able to access vital services, such as death registration or obtaining of passports and ID cards. 

Loadshedding is in addition to the downtime already faced by Home Affairs and their failing IT system. Generators have been placed in about 200 of the modernised offices for DHA, but over 200 non-modernised offices will be closed for the length of load shedding in specific locations.

System downtime is a frequent cause of annoyance for South Africans who often wait in line for hours in any event, for services that are essential. It is frustrating that on top of these already long delays, where people often have to set-aside a whole day, people are turned away when loadshedding shuts down a home affairs office for up to four hours at a time. 

June Luna Immigration Attorneys is well-versed in working with DHA. We have considerable knowledge on procedures to be followed at home affairs, resulting in working closely with them for almost a decade. We have the ability to assist our clients, whether through invaluable counsel, precise instructions, or litigation – to ensure that your demands are met.

Contact our immigration lawyer and her team of immigration specialists immediately to learn more about the steps you may take before visiting the DHA and essentially avoiding their closed offices due to load shedding.