Medical Treatment VISA

Receiving Palliative Care in South Africa on a Medical Treatment VISA

Along with world-class higher learning institutes, South Africa is also a pioneer in groundbreaking medical advancements and research. From uniquely specialised surgeons to medical innovators and caregivers, the quality of healthcare in South Africa ranks as one of the highest in the world. It is for this very reason that countless foreign nationals choose to seek treatment or even receive palliative care in South Africa on a medical treatment visa.

A medical treatment visa applies to any foreigner requiring medical treatment or palliative care for longer than 3 months. Although a medical treatment visa lasts up to 6 months, an extension can be applied for as needed.

Travelling to a foreign country for palliative care may seem extreme. However, with the rising cost of healthcare, it is often the best choice for those requiring long term care. Foreign nationals from a country with a favourable exchange rate can stretch their funds further in South Africa, receiving the highest quality of care from various medical providers at reasonable rates.

Please note that the visa holder will need to prove their ability to cover the estimated cost of care and special measures will need to be put in place for their last days, such as medical equipment, at home visits of medical practitioners and caregivers.

Seeking quality palliative care for yourself or a loved one can feel like an impossible decision. The reality of passing or losing someone to disease is one of life’s great miseries. However, receiving palliative care in South Africa on a medical treatment visa ensures that you or a loved one will receive world-class healthcare and be kept comfortable while enjoying the beauty of this incredible country for as long as possible.

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