Police can use e-system to run checks on foreign nationals

Police can use e-system to run checks on Foreign Nationals

Immigrants all over the world, but particularly in South Africa can face unwarranted arrests and multiple kinds of discrimination – especially in the event that their paperwork is not readily available to a police or immigration officer upon request. This can place strain and stress on foreign individuals residing within South Africa – as the ever-looming threat of mistreatment can hover over them like a cloud. However, with technological advancement and a government that’s warming up to foreigners – police can now use an e-system to run checks on foreign nationals.

This system is referred to as the ‘online national register’. This system is designed to check the validity of a foreigner’s residency status. This system may be accessed by all police officers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – meaning officers can validate a suspect almost immediately.

This intricate system can play a prominent role in minimising the amount of discrepancy between suspects, police officers and Home Affairs officials. This means that foreigners unable to display their documents may now be easily looked up on the system – preventing any potential headaches from occurring.

Minister of Home Affairs, Minister Aaron Motsoaledi had the following to say surrounding this snippet of positive news:

“We believe that all law enforcement officers must know that this is something they can do on the spot. It’s a pity if anyone is arrested and for home affairs officials to come and verify the documents manually. It should not happen that way.”

The minister also criticised the South African immigration system as a whole:

“The whole immigration system needs to be overhauled… our bureaucratic ladder doesn’t help anybody, it just complicates our lives, and that is why we are going to change it.”

So, does this mean that foreign citizens can leave their documents at home?

The idea of not having to make certified copies of crucial documents and displaying them on the go sounds like an absolute dream. However, in South Africa and most countries situated across the globe – it is mandatory to display crucial documents to ensure a worry-free stay in another country.

Despite South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs gradual shift to a modernised immigration system – always ensure that you have the relevant documents on you at all times. This will help you avoid any potential mishaps while keeping your name clean throughout your time spent here.

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