Medical Treatment in South Africa

South Africa has some of the best medical practitioners in the world, so it is no wonder that many foreigners choose to have treatment with the backdrop of beautiful South Africa for their physical or mental ailments.

A medical treatment visa is a great category for an applicant who is coming to South Africa for treatment of an illness, which covers a broad category of treatments. This can include treatment for  physical ailments such as cancer and mental ailments such as alcohol and/or drug dependency. There is no closed list of what can be considered for a medical treatment visa, so if in doubt it is best to contact us for guidance. 

This particular type of visa is available for a period up to six months at a time, which is renewable in South Africa for as long as treatment continues and there is compliance with all other requirements. 

An applicant will need a letter from their registered medical practitioner or medical institution in South Africa confirming various aspects relating to the treatment. Most importantly, an applicant will need to be able to show that there is space available at the medical institution for their treatment and that they will be able to cover the costs of their treatment. 

As the holder of a visitor visa, a medical treatment visa is one of the only categories of a longer term temporary residency that can be applied for from within South Africa, as nearly all other categories of temporary residency must be applied for prior to coming into South Africa.