How long before you get an outcome to an application for temporary or permanent residency?

From the iconic shores of Cape Town to the addictive energy of Johannesburg, there’s no doubt as to why people from all over the world choose to make South Africa their new home. An unfortunate downside to this exciting and life-changing decision is the administrative minefield that is obtaining temporary and/or permanent residence.

Between meeting the requirements and going through the tiring process of obtaining the relevant paperwork, waiting for an outcome may seem easy… until the waiting keeps going. According to VFS Global, permanent residence (for extra-ordinary skills, general work and business applications) can be finalized within 8 months, while all other categories for permanent residence can be finalized between 12 to 24 months from the date of submission at VFS.

Temporary residency visas for critical skills can be finalized within 4 weeks, while applications for business and general work visas can take up to 8 weeks and all other categories can take roughly 60 days.

However, these timelines are rarely followed, with most applicants experiencing delays for months – sometimes years!

Just because the Department of Home Affairs suffers from a flawed system does not mean that you should have to put your plans on hold. At June Luna Immigration Attorneys we can speed up your pending residency application by forcing an outcome from the Department of Home Affairs through litigation on an urgent or non-urgent basis, depending on your situation. Litigation might seem like a severe reaction, but it is the most effective way forward if your application has had no movement.

If you would like more information on how litigation can help you achieve an outcome, please contact our team today. With almost a decade of assisting clients with their immigration problems, our team is well-versed in the workings of the Department of Home Affairs and can help you. Remember, when in doubt – litigate!