Home Affairs Backlogs

Home Affairs Backlogs – How To Overcome It

There is no quick end to the stress when dealing with the Department of Home Affairs, especially when it comes to immigration to South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs’ is currently outputting an unprecedented amount of rejections and the delays that applicant’s are facing means that applicant’s are waiting over a year for some temporary residency outcomes. 

Our knowledgeable and skilled attorneys at June Luna Immigration Attorneys have a decade of experience successfully obtaining desired outcomes for our clients through litigation, whether it be about resolving pending or unresolved temporary or permanent applications, contesting a Department of Home Affairs (DHA) decision that has been made in the final stage, or any other legal matter involving the Department. 

We acknowledge that due to the significant backlog in applications for work visas, talented workers are less likely to choose South Africa as their destination, and that is why we would like to help you through this process. We get court orders from the High Court to compel DHA to follow a deadline for concluding applications that have been waiting for an excessive amount of time to expedite applications (four months for temporary residency and 8-12 months for permanent residency).  Because it is based on application proceedings, the court process is convenient and non-intrusive because the applicant does not need to appear in person or provide oral testimony.

One benefit of litigation is that everything is done formally, and all processes are based on affidavits. This results in an open and transparent process throughout, from signing court documents to getting a court order. Every action and the replies to it are documented in official records. In contrast to calling the Department of Home Affairs helpline, doing this will make your situation visible and allow you to get dates and explicit responses. By court order, Home Affairs is required to decide and deliver the results of your application.

We have a network of immigration attorneys countrywide to help us finalise your application through court, and we can also assist you in initiating legal action on DHA applications. 

Contact our immigration lawyer and her group of immigration specialists right now to learn more about pursuing legal action about DHA applications.