Home Affairs Backlogs – How to Overcome It

Dealing with the Department of Home Affairs, especially regarding immigration to South Africa, often leads to prolonged stress due to unprecedented rejection rates and significant delays. Applicants who apply for temporary residency experience waiting periods of over a year for temporary residency outcomes, which leads to more frustrations and uncertainty about the future.

At June Luna Immigration Attorneys, our experienced lawyers have years of experience helping clients get their desired results through legal action. Whether resolving pending applications, fighting against decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), or handling other legal issues involving the Department, we’re dedicated to helping our clients in the best way possible.

There’s a significant backlog of work visa applications waiting to be processed. This negatively affects the efforts to attract skilled workers to South Africa. At June Luna Immigration Attorneys we’re committed to successfully guiding individuals through the immigration process. By utilising legal avenues, we can obtain court orders from the High Court, ensuring the Department of Home Affairs adheres to deadlines for applications. This legal method ensures that applicants are not inconvenienced and that the process is stress-free and smooth, as they won’t be required to go in person or speak in court.

On Legal Action

Legal action warrants formal steps, using written statements and transparent documentation throughout. Unlike relying on the Department of Home Affairs helpline, going to court makes your situation more noticeable and creates an opportunity for explicit responses. With a court order, the Department of Home Affairs is mandated to make a prompt decision and deliver the application results.

With a team of immigration attorneys across the country, we provide thorough assistance to complete applications by involving the court when necessary. Additionally, we assist in initiating legal processes for DHA applications, ensuring effective advocacy for our clients.

Home Affairs Backlogs - How to Overcome It

For more information on pursuing legal action regarding DHA applications, contact June Luna Immigration Attorneys and her team of specialists today. Let us navigate the complexities together, ensuring smoother immigration processes and favourable outcomes for you.