First Time Study Visa for South Africa

At June Luna Immigration Attorneys, we offer comprehensive assistance with all of your South African immigration needs. Our team of experienced litigators will make sense of the intricacies of immigration while getting you results and keeping you informed every step of the way. From obtaining a study visa for your child(ren) to renewing your current residency permit or submitting a first-time application from abroad – we can help.

Many families and individuals moving to this stunning country tend to be unfamiliar with the specific visa requirements that will need to be met when travelling with school-age children. Each child will require their own study visas to attend a South African school.

Applying For a Study Visa – Need to Know Information

A study visa application for your child must include an official letter from the educational institution (who needs to be registered with the Department of Higher Education) and be applied for from abroad. Parents will also need to provide documented proof of medical insurance and proof of address for their child. It is important to note that all first-time applications must be submitted from the applicant’s country of citizenship or residency (unless they have a parent who is already here on an existing work or business visa).

Parents should be aware that the duration of their child’s study visa will depend on the length of their course. If their studies are to continue, the study visa will need to be renewed, ideally, 60 days before the expiration of their current study visa. However, a visa renewal can easily be applied for while residing in South Africa, as only the first application must be submitted from the country of citizenship or residency.

As a matter of convenience, parents are advised to also apply for a temporary residency visa to avoid travelling in and out of the country as a tourist, which can easily result in poorly timed disruptions to daily life. While we understand the desire to wrap things up as quickly as possible, please be advised that the processing time for an embassy situated abroad can range from 10-20 working days post submission, and most require applicants to make an appointment for submission. This can result in a one to two month waiting time before documents can be handed in. It is, therefore, best to plan accordingly.

Immigrating to South Africa can frustrate even the most organised of applicants, particularly when faced with unforeseen delays. At June Luna Immigration, our attorneys have nearly a decade of experience successfully working with the South African government, and we can help make your family’s transition to South Africa as smooth as possible.

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