Retain Zimbabwean Employees Legally

Employed Zimbabweans? Retain Zimbabwean Employees Legally

It should come as no surprise that most companies have Zimbabweans on their staff roster. Nearly 250 000 Zimbabweans in South Africa are on and affected by the changes to the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP). As we also know, it is not easy to train and find staff which fit into a company’s ethos – so many businesses want to keep their already skilled and productive employees.

Employers have been making strong efforts to begin the process of keeping their Zimbabwean personnel. Employers now basically have an option between starting to address the retention of ZEP personnel with or having a contingency plan in place come June 2023 when these permits expire.

ZEP holders have been told to apply for ‘mainstream’ visas and can choose from a variety of visa options under the Immigration Act. Employers can educate their staff on options which may be available to their ZEP employees. For example, a ZEP holder may qualify for a longer-term visa which allows them to work if:

– They are married or in a long-term relationship to a South African citizen or permanent resident they may qualify for a spousal visa with work endorsement.
– They have the appropriate academic qualification and a minimum of two-years work experience in a critical skills as published by home affairs.
– If a South African candidate cannot be found and a person holds extraordinary skills, they may qualify for a general work visa.

Any of the aforementioned visa categories application procedures can be tedious administratively and expensive if done incorrectly. This is where careful preparation, familiarity with the visa application procedure and a good working relationship with DHA are priceless as they increase the likelihood that the application will be approved significantly.

Please contact our immigration lawyer and her team of immigration experts today, for any other questions regarding employed Zimbabweans.