Difference Between an Immigration Law Firm and an Immigration Agency

Difference Between an Immigration Law Firm and an Immigration Agency

A law firm is a registered practice that is held accountable by the legal profession – and an immigration law firm purports to be experts in immigration and administrative law. Unlike immigration agents, law firms are accountable to the law society – which means additional protection for our clients.

June Luna Immigration Attorneys is a law firm which uses professionals in their fields to assist their clients with immigration queries, including advice on selecting the appropriate visa category, gathering the relevant papers, and assisting with application follow-ups. 

An immigration agency is not a law firm. An immigration agent provides services and can advise in immigration-related matters but they are not permitted to provide legal advice or to appear in court on your behalf.

Being supported by a law firm means that your pending application can be expedited through court on your behalf. Simply put, an agency cannot offer this unless they work in conjunction with a law firm.

In the event your money is stolen by someone claiming to be an immigration agent, there is no professional recourse – but a law firm and attorneys are always held accountable by the law society.

As a result, any foreign citizen residing or wanting to live in South Africa should seek advice and help from attorneys with experience dealing with the Department of Home Affairs and Immigration Law. This will undoubtedly lower your chances of obtaining a failed application or ending up with your money going missing. 

If you have any inquires regarding immigration in South Africa and what services our law firm offers, please get in touch with us.