Citizenship Requirements

Citizenship Requirement for Ordinary Residency in the Republic

Obtaining residency as a South African can appear to be a daunting, long winded and downright expensive task. While time is certainly a factor to consider, the process has the pay-off of being downright life changing.

First things first – in order to obtain residency, you will first need to apply for a residency permit. This will come in the form of temporary residency. In most cases, many foreigners will start out with a temporary residence and gradually transition into a permanent residence after the elapsed period of time/qualifications are met. This means that a minimum of 5 years of permanent residence is required before you can apply for citizenship.

By referring to the terms stipulated in the citizenship act (section 5 Act 1), there are a few requirements that need to be filled in order to obtain citizenship:

  1. The applicant is 18 years or older;
  2. The applicant has been admitted to the republic for permanent residence;
  3. The applicant has been residing in the republic for a period of 5 years after the date of application and has not been absent for a prescribed number of days in any one year;
  4. The applicant is deemed to show good character and thus proving to be a favourable citizen;
  5. The applicant agrees to continue residing in the republic and utilise its government services;
  6. The applicant is able to communicate in any of the official languages of the republic – in a competent/satisfactory manner;
  7. The applicant has sufficient knowledge of the rights, privileges and responsibilities of holding a South African citizenship;
  8. The applicant originates from a country allowing for dual citizenship – otherwise proof is to be provided to the minister where renunciation has been made (in terms of previous citizenship)

All of these requirements will need to be met in order to secure your chances of obtaining ordinary residency in the republic of South Africa. While this may appear to be an overbearing checklist, once you have spent  five years in South Africa – you will most likely meet each of these prerequisites.

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