Benefits of Using an Immigration Lawyer

Benefits of Using An Immigration Lawyer as opposed to an Agent

The immigration process may be extremely complicated, as anyone who has gone through it can attest. Even South African citizens needing assistance with the Department of Home Affairs can struggle to complete the process on their own because it requires a ton of paperwork.

Immigration law is a highly specialised and complex area of South African law. In accordance with the Immigration Act and Regulations, there are a number of laws, policies and formal and informal practices that the Department of Home Affairs and its officials have adopted that must be followed in order for an application for a temporary residence visa, permanent residence visa or any other application to be successful.

Immigration lawyers are experts in their field and offer their customers assistance on immigrating/emigrating to a country, including guidance on selecting the appropriate visa category, gathering the necessary paperwork and assisting with application follow-ups. The laws and procedures of immigration that must be followed when entering and remaining in a nation are typically well known to immigration agents. Having stated that, an immigration agent is not a legal practitioner. An immigration agent is only permitted to offer services or guidance in immigration-related concerns, but they are not to offer legal advice and are not able to go to court on your behalf.

Being assisted by a person who lacks knowledge and experience may lead to applications being submitted under the wrong categories, with the wrong supporting documents or even with the wrong application forms filled out, all of which could lead to a rejection of the application. In the event an agent does not complete their mandate, there is no professional body or law society to go to for recourse.

Therefore, it is in the best interests of any foreign national living or planning to live in South Africa to have advice and assistance from qualified South African immigration lawyers who have expertise working with the Department of Home Affairs and Immigration Law. This will surely reduce the possibility of receiving an unsuccessful application or finding yourself in any of the abovementioned undesirable situations.

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