Permanent Residence Permits in South Africa

When planning a future in South Africa, you have much to look forward to. From the unmatched natural beauty of Cape Town to the vibrant energy of Johannesburg, the multiculturalism of Durban and everywhere in between – there is no such thing as a wrong place to settle down in this incredible country. At June Luna Immigration Attorneys, we specialise in helping interested parties apply for permanent residence permits. Whether you are planning to immigrate on your own, as a couple or as a family, our expert team can help.

Immigrating to another country is rarely straightforward, and South Africa is no exception. Depending on the category under which you are applying, the average turnaround period for obtaining permanent residence permits is between eight to twenty-four months. This, of course, is just an estimation, as a vast majority of our clients underwent months (sometimes years!!) of delays before seeking professional assistance.

When you work with June Luna Immigration Attorneys, you can trust that your application is in the best hands. Our professional and experienced immigration attorneys will guide you through the process from start to finish, explain the costs involved and prepare you for possible delays. If you have a pending application, we will identify and explain the reason(s) for the delay, liaise with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf, and force an outcome through litigation if necessary. We greatly appreciate the stress and anxiety our clients experience while waiting for an outcome, which is why our team does everything possible to resolve your permanent residency application as quickly as possible.

Whether you require legal assistance with a pending residence application or would like expert advice on the benefits or application of permanent residence permits, our attorneys have almost a decade of experience helping individuals from all over the world. For more information on our South African immigration services.

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