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Articles below reflect June's involvement in the immigration space in South Africa

New Immigration Laws May Hinder Foreigners with Working Permits
702 Cape Talk

"People married to, living with, or working alongside foreigners with work permits are worried that government doesn’t want them here and is trying to get rid of them."

Mos Def's 'World Passport' not Recognised by SA
91.3FM Voice of the Cape

Rapper arrested in Cape Town for travelling on fraudulent documents, claims 'World Passport' is acceptable travel document in South Africa.

Refugee Officials have to process 60,000 cases a year
Weekend Argus

"There are only five Home Affairs officials on South Africa’s Refugee Appeal Board. And it’s their job to process an average 60 000 cases a year, Department of Home Affairs figures show."

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Grapevine Magazine, June 2018: