Live in South Africa as a Temporary Resident

With unmatched natural beauty, promising career opportunities and world-class education institutions, there are many reasons foreigners choose to relocate and make South Africa their new home, either on a temporary or permanent basis. If you would like to live in South Africa as a temporary resident, June Luna Immigration Attorneys can help. As providers of comprehensive and expert South African immigration services, our team can assist with a first time application or a pending or outstanding temporary residence application.

Temporary Residence visas can vary in duration from three months to five years, depending on what the applicant is eligible for and the purpose of their stay. There are various types of temporary residency visas an individual can qualify for. From study to general work, spousal, retirement and more, it is imperative that you understand and select the correct category when applying to avoid unnecessary delays. Your June Luna Immigration Attorney will ensure that you fully understand the process, guide you every step of the way and even cover what living in South Africa is really like. It breaks our hearts to crush the hopes of foreigners hoping to see lions and elephants roaming the streets.

If you are awaiting the outcome of a pending application, our team can work with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf and if that yields no results, we will force an outcome through High Court litigation to resolve your application on an urgent or non-urgent basis, depending on your situation.

If you currently live in South Africa as a temporary resident and would like to make your move permanent, our team can guide you through the process of how to apply for a permanent residence permit. Although obtaining a temporary residence visa is a good start, a permanent residence permit allows individuals to be granted a South African identity card. This makes all future interactions opening bank accounts, dealing with automobile dealerships or obtaining loans much simpler. Not only will it make your day to day life easier, but permanent residency is a crucial step if achieving South African citizenship is a goal for you.

If you would like more information on what it means to live in South Africa as a temporary resident, applying for temporary or permanent residency, or follow up on an existing application that has stalled, please contact our team today.

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