We have years of litigation experience which allows us to advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective way to handle your South African immigration matter. We have a network of immigration lawyers throughout South Africa to attend to your legal immigration issues, including assistance with:

Magistrate Court Attendances

We can assist at the initial stage of being charged and arrested against the abuse of powers by the Department of Home Affairs and/or SAPS to ensure an expeditious first hearing and bail applications pending trial.

A foreigner or South African citizen may have to attend a local magistrates court if they have been arrested and charged with an offence in terms of the Immigration Act, which can include not having a valid visa, not complying with visa requirements, working without the correct visa and/or aiding and abetting illegal foreigners.

High Court Attendances

Applications for temporary and permanent residency as well as internal appeals or applications to waive undesirability can pend for an inordinate amount of time. We can assist with the administrative process of taking the Department of Home Affairs to court in order to get your outcome of a pending application on either an urgent or non-urgent basis.

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