Assistance with South African Immigration

Consistently ranked as one of the top holiday destinations worldwide, it’s no surprise that many foreigners choose to make South Africa their new home – just more of a good thing. However, attempting to navigate the intricacies of the immigration judicial system can feel like completing an obstacle course blindfolded. At June Luna Immigration Attorneys, we offer expert assistance with South African immigration to help you begin this exciting chapter of your life as quickly as possible.

As a new applicant, the number of boxes to tick off and the mountain of paperwork you will need to gather can be overwhelming. Our skilled team of immigration attorneys will guide you through the process, explain in detail what will be required of you and give you an estimated timeline to work with – barring any complications. If you have an existing application (for temporary or permanent residency) that has had no movement, our attorneys will assess your application, identify and resolve the reasons for the delay, and liaise with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.

Cognizant that many of our clients have already suffered timely and costly delays to their application, we are well-experienced in forcing an outcome through litigation on an urgent or non-urgent basis. Litigation can seem extreme, but when faced with ongoing delays or not receiving feedback from the Department of Home Affairs, it truly is the best way forward to get results.

When you require assistance with South African immigration, don’t compromise on service or expertise. With nearly a decade of experience successfully helping interested individuals, June Luna Immigration Attorneys can help you achieve immigration status quickly and cost-effectively while prioritising your needs every step of the way.

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